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Affluent and Klay Media

by Affluent

Affluent provides deeper insight into publisher performance and increased transparency for clients

Situation: Manual reporting processes were time-consuming and inefficient

Klay Media is a boutique digital marketing agency, with a team focused on affiliate program management for a variety of lifestyle brands across multiple networks. Given all of Klay Media’s clients are within the lifestyle vertical, the agency is able to leverage its existing publisher base for multiple programs. As an agency, Klay Media’s areas of focus include launching and scaling new client programs quickly and successfully, regularly demonstrating its value to clients, and efficiently using its time and resources.

Historically, Klay Media’s reporting processes were manual and time-consuming, often taking its team multiple days and sometimes a full week to complete. Additionally, the Klay Media team sought a way to review and maximize publisher productivity across its clients’ programs. Klay Media came to Affluent in February 2022 looking to automate its manual reporting and billing processes and optimize its clients’ affiliate program management.

“Our monthly reporting used to take days to compile. Since we started using Affluent, it only takes us an hour at most. I don’t go into any of the platforms anymore except for Affluent. I don’t even know what my old logins are – I only use Affluent.”

Sophie Toporoff, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Klay Media

Solution: Deeper insight into publisher performance and increased transparency for clients

In order to maximize publisher productivity, the Klay Media team utilized Affluent’s Gap Analysis tool to gain insight into how its publishers were performing for each of its clients’ affiliate programs. The Gap Analysis also enabled Klay Media to identify opportunities to re-engage dormant and under-performing publishers.

Klay Media has helped its clients achieve as high as an 800% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), with all agency and publisher fees accounted for, and can now demonstrate these wins to clients using Affluent’s Reports and Dashboards. Clearly communicating these results to clients has helped Klay Media repeatedly prove its value by showing clients exactly where their goals are being achieved.

By using Affluent to manage its clients’ affiliate data and program billing, Klay Media has been able to automate all of its EOM reporting and invoicing processes.


  • Klay Media’s client saw a 2X increase in productive publishers quarter-over-quarter from using the Affluent Gap Analysis
  • By demonstrating the client’s 100% ROI, Klay Media received a 10X increase in budget
  • Once Klay Media was able to automate its client reporting and billing, its affiliate management team was able to reallocate at least 50 hours per month to scaling and optimizing clients’ programs

Outcome: Increase in productive publishers, agency value clearly demonstrated, and fully-automated reporting and billing processes.

By using the Affluent Gap Analysis, one of Klay Media’s clients saw 2X as many productive publishers in Q1 versus Q4.

Affluent’s Reports and Dashboards feature has helped Klay Media show its clients their real-time performance as it relates to ROI and KPIs.

After seeing this data, Klay Media’s clients have often increased their budgets and, in many instances, removed any budget limitations altogether. For example, in Q1 2022, a Klay Media client saw a 100% increase in ROI, which led this client to increase their paid media budget with Klay Media by 10X.

Using Affluent, the Klay Media team has been able to completely automate their EOM client reporting and billing processes. By automating these processes, their affiliate management team saves at least 50 hours per month that were historically spent manually consolidating and distributing their clients’ data and invoices.

About Klay Media

Klay Media, The Solutions Agency™, a leading provider of performance media solutions, helps publishers grow their audiences through paid engagement, strategic brand partnerships, and a world-class collaboration of commerce-driven content. Whether in the media and entertainment, B2B, CPG realms, and beyond, Klay Media prioritizes results over labels, leading its brands from conversion to growth.

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