Your security, privacy, and trust are our top priorities and always will be.

Fostering Trust

As former affiliate marketers, we know what it's like for affiliates on a day-to-day basis. We know how competitive the affiliate industry can be and how little trust the industry often breeds. Our mission isn't "just" to build a platform to help you run your business, but to permanently improve a marketing channel which should be, to put it simply, better.

Security was one of the first things we addressed when building Affluent, but security is intrinsically different from trust. Security is difficult and expensive but trust is priceless. It is something that must be earned. We do not want to simply portray trust, we want to encourage and live it. So, we humbly ask for the privilege of earning your trust.

Affluent is our life and you are Affluent's lifeblood. We encourage you to look us up and speak with us directly via email or phone, or social media (whatever floats your boat). You are people, we are people, and our mission is to help real people like you.

As Safe As Your Bank

Affluent uses the same security practices as major financial institutions - and often more. All data is encrypted and hashed and the most sensitive data is store on private servers so that nobody - not even us - will ever be able to see your data.