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About Us

Affluent is a technology company that is modernizing the affiliate marketing industry by delivering powerful, highly needed tools.


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Affluent was founded out of pure frustration. A hundred Chrome tabs and an unruly Excel spreadsheet would have driven most people crazy. Instead, it drove Affluent’s founders to register a business, build a team, and start talking to agencies, advertisers and affiliates across the globe.


Values are important. They should be strong enough to hold fast when you’re challenged but flexible enough to evolve and adapt. At Affluent we believe in:

  • Data is power – so it should be easy to access, understand and use.
  • Connections beyond technology. The relationships we foster are our biggest assets.
  • Growth for our clients, our people, and our industry.


Combining the best of both worlds, Affluent has a home base in Nashville as well as remote team members spread out internationally. We collaborate and believe in rapid iteration.


  • Yonatan Dotan
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Emma Tett
    Head of Customer Success
  • Alon Carmel
  • Jonathan Carmel
    Head of Biz Dev
  • Thomas Larrabee
    Product Owner – Integrations
  • Lessie Purpera
    Data Integrations Specialist
  • Tim Shilov
    Senior Developer
  • Roman Juryev
    Fullstack Developer