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Recover lost revenue, automate competitor intelligence, and optimize performance

How The Affluent Link Scanner Works

Affluent Link Scanner automatically scans publishers’ web pages, finds all the tracking links on those pages, and delivers critical insights like – broken links, which pages are linking to out of stock products, what your program’s share of voice is, and opportunities to replace competitors’ links with your own. Learn more about how you can utilize the Link Scanner to rid your program of link rot here.

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Reach For The Stars With The Affluent Link Scanner

  • Defend evergreen and reliable referral URLs
  • Recover lost revenue from 404s and broken links
  • Automate competitor intelligence
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Identify the best spots to promote specific products
  • Maintain link quality
  • Streamline and audit network migrations
  • Measure advertiser Share of Voice over time

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Account Executive

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