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Agency Hero

Analytics for modern affiliate agencies.

Affluent aggregates data from all of your clients’ affiliate platforms into one dashboard and helps you save time, optimize programs, and grow your business.

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Agency Client Reporting

Automate Client Reporting

Create beautiful, completely customizable, client reports that populate data and send out to your clients automatically. Unleash your Monday mornings and free your account managers to focus on what matters.

Agency Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent Algorithmic Alerts

Keep an eye on performance, 24/7. Affluent scans data daily and alerts you about opportunities and potential problems so you can be proactive instead of reactive in growing programs and fighting fires.

Agency Publisher Intelligence

Portfolio-Wide Publisher Intelligence

Analyze the performance of publishers across your whole portfolio of clients (even across networks), see how you’re doing with recruitment, and run advanced gap analyses to see where your publishers could be doing more.

Agency Placement Tracking

Centralized Placement Tracking

Say goodbye to Google Sheets for tracking everything you’re working on! Affluent allows you to view and analyze any events – placements, promotions, tracking issues and more for all your account managers from one convenient place.

Other Features

  • Simplified Platform Migrations
    Keep old data after an account is closed so you can compare performance before and after migrations.
  • Management Level Reporting
    Create reports by account manager, business unit, or industry. Track agency revenue per client to build the full picture of your business.
  • Branded Client Portals
    Create dashboards and give your clients login access to your own branded portal complete with logos and agency colors.
  • Intelligent Cross-Recruitment
    Run quick and easy gap analyses to find publishers working with some of your clients but not others.
  • Custom Dashboards
    Affluent’s custom reporting system allows you to create entirely customizable dashboards to see anything from high level overviews to granular breakdowns of data.
  • Report on true cost
    Easily add and report on network fees, agency fees, non-reported placement fees and more to give your clients a full picture of costs.
  • Merged Publishers
    Affluent merges accounts belonging to the same publishers into one “merged publisher” – giving you a view of your activity with any publisher across your whole portfolio.
  • Centralized Tagging & Groups
    Tag and group publishers and brands across networks for one organized master list.

Instant Integration With Affiliate Platforms

Affluent is integrated with most major affiliate platforms. Have a platform we haven’t covered yet? Let us know and we’ll build it for you – on us!


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