Affluent is a technology company that is modernizing the affiliate marketing industry by delivering powerful, highly needed tools.

Who we are

Affluent was founded in 2015 by Alon Carmel, Yonatan Dotan and Jonathan Carmel. We believe that the affiliate marketing industry is stuck in the past and that those who have been most left behind are the over 2,000,000 publishers in the world. As ex-affiliates ourselves, the issues affiliates face are close to our hearts.

Alon Carmel
Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board
A veteran entrepreneur since the late '90s, Alon Carmel is well-known for founding acclaimed dating site, JDate. Since then, he has continued as founder and investor in dozens of additional succesful companies. His current focus is on AdTech and he is wholly committed to seeing Affluent succeed.
Yonatan Dotan
Co-Founder, CEO
Yonatan is a self-taught developer. Early in his career he was drawn to digital marketing. As a VP in a marketing agency, Yonatan built and oversaw marketing campaigns for companies like Tinder, Red Bull, Zynga and many others. Today, Yonatan manages the development and day-to-day operations at Affluent.
Jonathan Carmel
Co-Founder, CBO
A specialist in product design, Jonathan started his career in the video game industry, selling his first game to CIA in 2010. After that, Jonathan moved into the worlds of marketing and adtech where he has been involved in multiple start-ups leading up to co-founding Affluent
Guyon Roche
Guyon was born in New Zealand and gained an MSc. in Computer Science there. In 1998, attracted by London, he emigrated to the UK to start work in I.T. With over 20 years under his belt, Guyon specializes in JavaScript solutions from NodeJS on the server to React and Angular on the front-end.

What we believe

We believe that affiliate marketing is one of the most natural and important forms of marketing - the evolution of the original marketing channel, word of mouth. Despite being a huge industry with enormous players, the affiliate marketing industry as we know it is broken. And we want to fix it.

We believe that publishers have long been neglected in the industry and are forced to work with sub-par tools in every aspect of the industry that is not under their direct control.

We believe that we can be a part of the solution to this problem, starting first with world-class analytics tools to give publishers, for the first time, a handle on their data.

We believe in and value accuracy, simplicity, trust, and security. We try to make those values shine in everything that we do.