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The Affluent Affiliate API

Use the Affluent Affiliate API to power your business, from building a cashback app to integrating affiliate data into the rest of your business.

A Simple, Predictable Affiliate API. Finally.

Affiliate APIs can be a headache. Every platform has different internal logic around naming conventions, modified dates, transaction types, transaction states, and more.

Affluent’s API handles all of the legwork for you. Simple customizable calls return predictable responses, every time.

Publisher Custom Reports

Standardized data

Affluent removes the confusion, all data conforms to a single format making it easier to handle and analyse.

Publisher API

Saves you time and money

Affluent maintains 100s of API connections so you don’t have to. With the Affluent API you won’t need to hire and manage a dev team to build and maintain multiple API connections.

Hourly updates

API users get hour data updates, keeping you on top of your earnings. Affluent also updates the status of all transactions so you know what’s pending, approved, or rejected.

Advertiser Publisher Intelligence

Scale and expand

With the Affluent API you aren’t restricted to what networks and platforms you can work with. Want to start promoting a new advertiser, sign up, connect your account to Affluent and start seeing the data via the API.

We are always adding new networks and platforms, if you’re working with one that we aren’t already integrated with, let us know.

Affluent Money Bag

Cashback & Loyalty Apps

Affluent’s transaction-level API is the perfect tool to power your cashback or loyalty application. Connect all your different programs and affiliate networks and receive all your data via the easy to use standardized Affluent API.

Affluent supports up to 6 SUB IDs so you can categorize and track data with all the granularity you need to make smart business decisions.

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