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Affluent aggregates data from all of your clients' affiliate networks into one unified dashboard with automated reports, custom dashboards and intelligent alerts.

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Unified Real-Time Dashboard

Connect client networks in seconds & view real-time performance or historical metrics across any time range with unprecedented ease. Filter out the noise and focus on the data you need all the way down to a specific transaction. Spotting trends, opportunities and threats has never been this easy.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Custom reports allow you to create tables and charts to see data any way you want to. Combine multiple charts into one dashboard to create customized reports which can be exported to PDF as automated client reports.


Algorithmic Intelligent Alerts

Automated alerts give you an edge over the competition by notifying you of first-time publisher sales, publishers with declining revenues, suspicious conversion rates, and more.

Merged Publisher Accounts

Are you working with affiliates with multiple accounts across different networks? Affluent merges accounts belonging to the same publishers into one "merged publisher" - giving you a simple view of all your activity with each publisher.


Instantaneous Integration With Affiliate Networks

Affluent is integrated with most major affiliate networks. Have a network we haven't covered yet? Let us know what it is and we'll notify you as soon as it's ready.

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