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All your affiliate data
in one dashboard

Affluent aggregates all your data like commissions, clicks and sales to give you insights that help your business grow.

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Grow Your Business
Using Actionable Data

Spotting your business's trends early will allow you to plan accordingly and take advantage of your peaks and be well prepared for your troughs. Stop making plans based on estimations and start planning based on concrete data.

Save Hours of Time With
One Unified Dashboard

Tired of logging in to multiple systems to see how your campaigns are performing? Affluent's dashboard aggregates all your data into a single dashboard, then lets you decide how you want to view that data. Want a break down by your top performing products or your most recent sales? We've got you covered.


Your Data Security
Is Our Top Priority

Our encryption, hashing and security protocols are the same used by international banks to ensure that your data is always just that - your data.

Easy & Fast Integration With Over 400 Networks

Affluent is integrated with 493 networks and new ones are added every day. Have a network we haven't covered yet? Let us know what it is and we'll give you a month free once we've added it.

What's Going on in Affiliate Marketing

Take Control of Your Data & Your Time

Get started with all the core features free for up to three networks!

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