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Affluent and Conversion Digital

by Affluent

Affluent enables Conversion Digital to automate reporting and quickly scale clients’ programs

Situation: Time-consuming manual reporting caused inefficiencies with client calls

Conversion Digital is a UK-based digital marketing agency that began
using Affluent shortly after the agency launched. Since launching, Conversion Digital has scaled significantly.

Prior to using Affluent, Conversion Digital struggled with manual reporting processes, particularly its end of month (EOM) reporting routine which was historically a week-long process. Given clients were only able to review their program’s performance at the end of the month once these reports were complete, month-end meetings were primarily spent reviewing performance. This left little time for strategic planning discussions, reviewing new opportunities, or identifying areas for optimization.

More recently, at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Conversion Digital
was tasked with raising brand awareness for its client, Hype, and the client’s newly-launched facemask products. The protective mask product category had recently become incredibly competitive and Conversion Digital needed to focus on strategic product placements when seemingly every e-commerce brand was also looking to increase their digital presence.

“Affluent’s made us a lot more progressive in terms of driving performance and incremental revenue for clients.”

Chris Rees, Director, Conversion Digital

Solution: Automated reporting increased transparency and strategic client calls

Using Affluent’s Dashboards and Reports, Conversion Digital was able to quickly automate its reporting processes by building custom dashboards for each of its clients. This allowed the Conversion Digital team to distribute program performance reports to clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on the client’s goals.

When tasked with raising brand awareness for Hype’s new product line, Conversion digital leveraged Affluent’s Risers and Fallers feature to quickly identify new editorial publishers that had recently begun generating revenue for Hype’s facemasks.

Outcome: Increased productivity and ability to act quickly to scale clients’ programs


By automating its reporting processes with Affluent’s custom
dashboards, Conversion Digital was able to achieve a Sound 97% decrease in time spent creating reports

Using Affluent’s Risers and Fallers tool to identify key editorial partnerships, Conversion Digital was able to drive a 1,024% increase in YoY revenue for Hype, as well as an 82% increase in new customer acquisition, and more than 450,000 unique site visitors

In using Affluent to create custom dashboards for each of its clients, Conversion Digital was able to decrease its time spent creating reports by 97%. By creating these custom reports in Affluent, Conversion Digital was also able to give its clients full visibility into their programs’ performance at any given time. This increased transparency enabled the Conversion Digital team to conduct more productive month-end calls focused on strategic optimizations.

As a result of using Affluent’s Risers and Fallers feature, Conversion Digital was able to immediately reach out to publishers driving revenue for Hype’s new line of facemasks. This agile outreach allowed them to offer productive publishers a higher CPA to position Hype’s products higher within their content. This approach resulted in significant growth for Hype, including a 1,024% increase in year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth, an 82% increase in new customer acquisition, and more than 450,000 unique site visitors. Finally, Hype’s popularity caught the attention of Apple News, which subsequently published the article as well

About Conversion Digital

Conversion Digital offers sophisticated affiliate and partner strategies to deliver brand-centric campaigns and drive incremental revenue. We take a custom approach to connect clients with hand-picked publishers that are fully aligned with core brand values.

We break the boundaries of traditional affiliate marketing to deliver a full partnership marketing solution. By connecting brands with key publishers, we’re able to create and grow impactful, long-lasting relationships that get results. Our specialist focus on content and editorial, influencer marketing, and emerging technology-based solutions give you an animated mix of opportunities alongside the more traditional affiliates we all know and love

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