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Affluent and Sound Partner Marketing

by Affluent

The Affluent Link Scanner enables Sound Partner Marketing to quickly identify new growth opportunities for clients

Situation: Manual publisher research and competitor analysis were time-consuming

Sound Partner Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in affiliate program management. With more than 20 clients, including well-known household brand names, Sound Partner Marketing focuses on consistently finding new opportunities and high-growth partnerships to scale its clients’ programs.

As a boutique agency, Sound Partner Marketing spent a lot of time manually researching publisher links and its clients’ competitors to identify new potential partnerships and areas for growth. Although this work is crucial to the success of the agency, it was also extremely time-consuming. When Affluent started beta testing Link Scanner, Sound Partner Marketing began using the feature to automate these historically manual processes.

“Our team has found Link Scanner to be extremely user-friendly – it’s one of those tools that you open & can intuitively navigate right away.”

Jeremy Curtis, Founder and CEO, Sound Partner Marketing

Solution: Link Scanner allowed the team to automate publisher and competitor research

Once Sound Partner Marketing began beta testing the Affluent Link Scanner, its team was able to fully automate the manual research that otherwise took them hours, sometimes even days, to complete. These manual tasks included researching publisher sites and combing them for affiliate links, searching for broken links, and conducting competitor analysis. Using the Affluent Link Scanner, Sound Partner Marketing can do all of these tasks with one simple scan.

Additionally, Sound Partner Marketing has found Link Scanner to be a great tool for new employees to quickly get up to speed and start adding value for clients.

We [Sound Partner Marketing] had a new account manager start a couple of months ago and she has already been able to use Link Scanner to discover growth opportunities for our clients. This feature has been a huge time saver for our agency as a whole.”

Jeremy Curtis, Founder and CEO, Sound Partner Marketing

Outcome: Automating research and analysis allowed the team to scale clients’ programs much faster

Result: Sound Partner Marketing can identify new partnerships for its clients
10X faster than it could previously.

By using the Affluent Link Scanner to automate its research, Sound Partner Marketing can now review 10 affiliates’ sites in the time it would historically take them to review one manually. As a result of automating this process, Sound Partner Marketing is able to find new publishers to promote its clients’ programs 10X faster than it could prior to adopting this feature. In doing so, the Sound Partner Marketing team has been able to increase its daily efficiency and scale client programs exponentially faster.

About Sound Partner Marketing

Sound Partner Marketing is a team of performance marketing experts, consisting of former in-house digital marketing and affiliate program professionals from several large companies. Sound Partner works as an extension of their client’s internal marketing team and drives incremental customer and revenue growth to their business through performance-based partnerships.

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