2020 is set to be a great year with well established conferences like Affiliate Summit adding exciting content and the PI Live team going transatlantic launching PI LIVE Advance.

This year, as we do every year, the Affluent team are sharing our list of the top affiliate conferences around the world.

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Affiliate Marketing Conferences

Important note: For the conferences that have not yet set a specific date, we’ve used the date from the prior year and noted that with a TBD.


Affiliate Summit West – Jan 27th – 29th. Las Vegas, Nevada.


iGB London Affiliate Conference – Feb 5th – 8th. London, England.

Rakuten Dealmaker – Feb 10th – 11th. Scottsdale, Arizona.

TES Affiliate Conferences Lisbon (The European Summit) – Feb 28th – March 2nd. Lisbon, Portugal.


Prague Gaming Summit – Mar 6th. Prague, Czech Republic.

PGBS 2020 – Mar 12th – 15th. Panama City, Panama.

iGB Nordic Affiliate Conference – TBD Mar 27th – 28th. Stockholm, Sweden.


Rakuten Symposium London – TBD. Apr 3rd. London, England.

MAC Moscow Affiliate Conference – Apr 21st – 22nd. Moscow, Russia.

Performance Marketing Awards – Apr 28th. London, England.


Think Tank – May 13th – 15th. Chicago, Illinois.

AffiliateCon – TBD. May 15th – 16th. Sofia, Bulgaria.

PI Live Advance – May 19th, New York, NY

Afiliados Brasil – May 28th – 30th. Sao Paolo, Brazil.


Affiliate Summit Europe – Jun 3rd – 4th. Amsterdam, Holland.

Affiliate Huddle – TBD. Jun 6th. London, England.

Think Tank UK – TBD. Jun 13th. London, England.

Impact Growth – TBD. Jun 25th. New York, NY


Affiliate World Europe – TBD. Jul 8th – 9th. Barcelona, Spain.

iGB Amsterdam Affiliate Conference – Jul 14th – 17th. Amsterdam, Holland.

Dealmaker Singapore – TBD. Jul 25th. Singapore, Singapore.

Affiliate Summit East – Jul 27th – 29th. New York City, New York.


Partner Networking Workshop and Cruise – TBD. Aug 23rd. Seattle, Washington.


CJU (Commission Junction University) – TBD. Sep 9th – 12th. Santa Barbara, California.

TES Affiliate Conferences Prague (The European Summit) – Sep 11th – 14th. Prague, Czech Republic.

India Affiliate Summit – Sep 17th – 18th. Gurugram, India.

Rakuten Optimism – TBD. Sep 23rd. San Francisco, California.


Affiliate Summit Asia – TBD. Oct 1st – 2nd. Singapore, Singapore.

iGB Lisbon Affiliate Conference – TBD. Oct 16th – 19th. Lisbon, Portugal.

Performance In Live (PI Live) – TBD. Oct 22nd – 23rd. London, England.


DMIEXPO – TBD. Nov 24th – 25th. Tel Aviv, Israel.


Affiliate World Asia – TBD. Dec 4th – 5th. Bangkok, Asia.

We’ll be updating the list with 2020 dates as they are released.  Let us know if you have the inside scoop or if there are any affiliate conferences that we’ve missed and should include.

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