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Want a date with success? Leverage these global ecommerce dates for Q2 2022

by Emma Tett, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Strategy

It’s time to get roaring for your Q2 campaigns as we edge closer to the end of Q1. With competition so tight, you have to target holidays and events throughout the year to help build your brand further and generate revenue. So get your calendars ready and mark the important dates to take advantage of these opportunities to grow your online business. 

Use this handy eCommerce Q2 event calendar as your guide and integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. Don’t forget to sign up or log in to Affluent to track all your affiliate data as well.

We kick-off Q2 with the perfect holiday – April Fools! Why? Because it’s fun, quirky, and an excellent opportunity to stand out. National Pet Day is also another major holiday for April. There are 85 million families in the US alone who own a pet. eCommerce brands that sell pet products will surely reap the benefits if they time their campaigns right for this holiday.

With National Pet Day around the corner, we asked the Affluent team where they will be shopping and what they will be spending on this year to treat their furry friends.

Emma TettGrounds & Hounds

I love Grounds and Hounds — they’re awesome and combine my love of dogs and coffee. I got this Unisex Future Rescuer Onesie for my friends. It’s really cute and comes in all sizes from newborns to 24 months!

Lessie PurperaChewy

I have three kitty girls named Smokey, Mittens, and Mink. I have my eye on this heavy-duty cat tree from Chewy for National Pet Day. My cats love to play and this will create many more spaces to explore and climb!

Jonathan CarmelPetlibro

I recently bought a water fountain for my cat, Biscuits. He simultaneously loved and hated it and it brought a lot of joy to our lives.

Georgina ArmstrongLaser Pointer

I want to get this laser pointer for my cat, Ludwig. He loves chasing light shapes and shadows!

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