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Is the Affluent API right for me?

by Emma Tett, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Strategy

That’s a good question. Let’s see: 

  • Do you want to include affiliate data in multi-channel reporting
  • Would you like to see affiliate data in advanced visualization tools
  • Do you have a client with specific reporting requirements? 
  • Did the development team promise you a solution sometime last year and is the ticket “‘still in the backlog”? 
  • Does your internal solution not quite meet the standard you want to offer clients? 

Yes? Then, it sounds like you need the Affluent API – a standardized, transaction-level API designed and built by affiliate API specialists. 

Here’s how to pitch the Affluent API to the development team/internally/your boss: 

  • Easy to use and quick to set up, including affiliate data in multi-channel reporting won’t take up tons of development time. 
  • A single API – no need to maintain integrations with multiple endpoints for lots of affiliate networks. 
  • Affluent handles the maintenance. Yes, we do! Our API team monitors network APIs for any changes and updates our connections so you don’t have to! Same for upgrades, never miss out on a new data point. 
  • It’s designed specifically for affiliate data. The Affluent API was built by a team with affiliate industry experience, they know how to account for lock-in dates, publisher bonuses, and all the quirks of the affiliate industry. 
  • The data is standardized across all networks. Affluent uses the same language for all affiliate platforms meaning you can make real comparisons and gain smarter insights. 
  • No network limitations. Using the Affluent API means you can work with clients on any platform without waiting on the development team to build out a new integration.
  • Easy migrations and year-over-year reporting. With the Affluent API, you won’t lose year-over-year analysis due to a migration. 

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