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iRocker & Affluent – Case Study

by Affluent

Affluent streamlines workflow for brands managing programs across multiple affiliate networks and increases productive publisher bases

Situation: Managing a program on multiple networks led to time-consuming reporting

iROCKER is a premiere outdoor sports and lifestyle brand specializing in inflatable paddle boards. The brand has found great success and value within the affiliate channel having achieved increased revenue and sales while decreasing its acquisition costs.

iROCKER came to Affluent in April 2022 looking for a way to consolidate and optimize its affiliate program management, as the program was being managed across two affiliate networks. Additionally, iROCKER sought to increase its active and productive publisher bases to create widespread audience reach and revenue generation across its partnerships.

“Before Affluent, I found it incredibly cumbersome to pull daily reporting — it would take me 2 hours or more to pull data together. Now it’s literally a click or two with Affluent.”

Kit Klein, Business Development Manager, iROCKER

Solution: Merging and automating program reporting saved time, and increased visibility into publisher performance

iROCKER runs its affiliate program across two affiliate networks, Commission Junction and AvantLink. iROCKER’s affiliate management team often spent several hours each week manually pulling reporting within the two separate platforms across multiple geos. Using Affluent’s Dashboards and Reports, iROCKER was able to automate this reporting, removing the guesswork and saving hours every day.

iROCKER’s affiliate team was also looking to increase its productive publisher base. Upon becoming Affluent users, iROCKER had 18 active publishers in total, 10 of which were productive. By leveraging Affluent’s Publisher Intelligence suite, iROCKER was able to gain a better understanding of its productive and active publishers. The iROCKER team utilized the Risers and Fallers feature to identify publishers that were gaining traction within the program, and employed Affluent’s Alerts to notify them once a publisher made its first sale.

Outcome: Increased productive publisher base and overall affiliate management efficiency

Result: iROCKER saves 15 hours per week by automating its reporting using Affluent’s Dashboards and Reports. By using Affluent’s Publisher Intelligence suite, iROCKER increased its productive publisher base by 250% in 3 months

By using Affluent’s Dashboards and Reports, iROCKER has been able to automate all of its affiliate reporting, which saves its team 15 hours per week. iROCKER’s ability to consolidate its data from Commission Junction and AvantLink into one analytics dashboard has allowed its team to overcome many of the challenges of operating on multiple platforms. This optimization has made iROCKER’s affiliate team more efficient and has supplied them with actionable insights, allowing them to be more agile in their approach

“Before Affluent, I found it incredibly cumbersome to pull daily reporting – it would take me 2 hours or more to pull data together. Now it’s literally a click or two with Affluent, and I can pull a report that’s useful, actionable, with insights that are helpful. I can view where the program is at overall, and then switch immediately within the platform to view performance by week or by month. Having that flexibility with the data really helps me make important decisions quicker.”

Kit Klein, Business Development Manager, iROCKER

About iRocker

With the goal of shaking up the water sports market by offering affordable and high-quality boards designed for adventure, outdoor lover Steve Elder launched iROCKER from his garage in 2013. Specializing in inflatable paddle boards, iROCKER is a premium water sports and lifestyle brand dedicated to industry leading designs and products. Today, iROCKER is one of the nation’s fastest growing outdoor companies and has expanded to offer three brand categories suitable for a range of needs: iROCKER, NAUTICAL, and BLACKFIN. Despite its remarkable growth, iROCKER remains committed to its core values by prioritizing quality and the customer experience to ensure explorers have an unforgettable adventure on the water.

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