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Top 10 E-Commerce Shopping Holidays 2022

by Emma Tett, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Strategy

Oh no, not Mariah Carey already! Well, maybe your playlist isn’t shuffling jingle bells into your daily mix quite yet, but we know advertisers like you are off to the races when it comes to planning your Q4 placements and promotions. To help you prepare for the industry’s busiest e-commerce quarter of the year, we’ve prepared a list of the season’s peak shopping days to add to your calendar. 

Some of these holidays you’ll be well aware of, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Free Shipping Day, while others, like Singles’ Day and Green Monday, may be new to you. No matter how familiar these holidays may be, it’s important that you plan accordingly to maximize ROI this holiday season. Let’s take a look at the big dates all e-commerce advertisers should be targeting this year:

10 Peak E-Commerce Shopping Holidays Q4 2022 

  1. Singles’ Day – November 11
  2. Black Friday – November 25
  3. Small Business Saturday – November 26
  4. Cyber Monday – November 28
  5. Green Monday – December 12
  6. Super Saturday – December 17
  7. Free Shipping Day – December 18
  8. Hanukkah – December 18-26
  9. Christmas Eve/Day – December 24-25
  10. Boxing Day – December 26

While November may seem lightyears away, we urge you to confer with your agency and publisher partners now to ensure your promotions and placements are locked in. Once your promotions are set to go and your publishers have the copy and creatives they need, your next critical step will be tracking. If you’re already an Affluent user, you know how easy it can be to track revenue and ROI with the proper reports and dashboards in place. 

2022 E-Commerce Shopping Holidays

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Speaking of Affluent, we’ve rounded up our team’s wishlists to give you some shopping inspiration!

Shopping wishlist inspiration
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