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Hawke Media & Affluent – Case Study

by Affluent

Affluent saves Hawke Media 75 hours a month on reporting for clients

Situation: Time-consuming, labor-intensive data collection and reporting processes without automated optimization insights

Hawke Media, a rapidly growing marketing consulting agency, manages more than 60 affiliate programs. To help ensure success, Hawke Media provides its clients with regular performance reports and strategies for program growth.

The Hawke Media team spent hours pulling performance data for each client every day. The process was made additionally complex because programs are located on different affiliate networks and platforms. The team dedicated precious time and resources to downloading data, analyzing it, and arranging each client’s reports into a readable format. In short, data collection was a laborious, manual process that was becoming even more challenging as Hawke Media and their clients grew.

“We knew we needed to spend our time and resources more efficiently — so we sought out a solution to streamline and automate our reporting processes,” said Marc Rona, Vice President of Affiliate Marketing at Hawke Media. “We also wanted to find a reporting tool that gave us better insights into our clients’ partner performance.”

Solution: Automated reporting and deeper insights into program performance with Affluent

Affluent enabled the Hawke Media team to quickly assemble detailed reports, combining data from all the networks and platforms they work with, into one dashboard in a standardized format. Tasks that previously took hours every week became a matter of several clicks, improving the team’s productivity by at least 10 percent. Overall, Hawke Media saved more than 75 working hours a month using Affluent as its centralized reporting repository.

With the time freed up by automating its manual reporting tasks, Hawke
Media leveraged Affluent’s Gap Analysis tool to gain better insights into
its clients’ program’s performance. The team quickly identified value-generating affiliates for every client — this is a process they can repeat regularly to ensure continued program growth without manual, data-intensive work. Affluent enabled the Hawke Media team to optimize their internal performance and clients’ affiliate programs by generating more revenue.

Outcome: Saved time, optimized processes, and improved client performance

Affluent’s unified dashboard transformed the hair-pulling data collection and reporting process into just a few clicks. The Hawke Media team gained access to data from all their affiliate networks and platforms, all in one place. That allowed the team to focus on gathering insights using Affluent’s Gap Analysis tool to drive better results for their clients. With Affluent, Hawke Media streamlined its affiliate data pulling and reporting and:

  • Saved more than 75 working hours a month on manual data collection and reporting processes
  • Improved the team’s productivity by 10 percent
  • Automated in-depth reports for its client programs
  • Identified actionable insights using Affluent’s optimization tools
  • Developed stronger connections with its clients and partners

“Automating our data collection processes with Affluent helped us spend less time putting client reports together and freed up more time for analysis. Now, pulling a report from five-plus networks takes just a few clicks, and the insights are significantly better.”

Marc Rona, BVice President, Hawke Media

About Hawke Media

Hawke Media’s mission is to provide access to great marketing for everyone. Hawke Media uses a data-driven approach to help launch and grow businesses of all sizes. The team relies on a comprehensive, performance-based approach to both empower their clients and generate revenue for them.

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